PTEC Board of Trustees Reviews PTEC Achievements in Improving Financial Market Performance and Discusses Future Plans for 2019

 The meeting discussed a number of issues related to enhancing the PTEC's performance and took a number of decisions relating to the PTECS's developments and tasks in the upcoming period.

Dr. Al Zaabi stated that the meeting discussed the developments of the Professional Licensing Examination Program, and the Board of Trustees recommended that the financial markets be directed to subject the positions existing in the market to the professional licensing examination on an optional basis. The Board also recommended that the Licensing Department of the SCA has to coordinate with the licensed companies in the UAE to benefit from the qualified un-employed categories by making their points of contacts available, as well as by sending questionnaires to the targeted individuals who work for the licensed companies and have not passed the examinations of the Professional Licensing Program through the Licensing Department.

Regarding the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program, the Board perused the Program's reports and reviewed the CPD Program Guide, which was translated into Arabic, before having it published on the PTEC's website.

Furthermore, the Board of Trustees discussed the Operational Plan in the project for the qualification of the students of the Higher Colleges of Technology to work in the financial market sector in the UAE. The operational plan of this project was reviewed with emphasis on its pilot phase.

The meeting was attended by H.E. Mohammed Khalifa Al Hadari, Deputy CEO for Supporting Services and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Abdul Aziz Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi representing the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Jamal Ibrahim Al Khader, representing the Dubai Financial Market and Yousef Mohamed Al Wahhabi, PTEC's Head, as a Rapporteur and Secretary for the meeting.

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