Important Contacts
CEO Office
H.E \ Dr. Obaid Saif Al Zaabi
Deputy Chief Executive Officer For Organizational & Supporting Services
H.E \ Mohamed Khalifa Al Hadari
Deputy Chief Executive Officer For Licensing, Supervision & Enforcement
H.E \ Maryam Butti Al Suwaidi
Deputy Chief Executive Office for Legal Affairs, Issuance  
H.E \ Dr. Obaid Saif Al Zaabi02/6120330
Strategy and Performance UnitRouzi@sca.ae02/6120168
Internal Audit Unitchirine@sca.ae02/6120192
Risk Management UnitF.Alomari@sca.ae02/6120186
Issuance and Disclosure Departmenta.alhammadi@sca.ae02/6120403
Legal Affairs Departmenthessa@sca.ae02/6120304
Supervision DepartmentAmina.Alshehi@sca.ae02/6120360
Licensing Department , 02/6120320
Enforcement and Follow up Departments.alharazi@sca.ae02/6120412
Human Resources and Financial Affairs DepartmentLara@sca.ae02/6120109
Media and Communication Departmentmuneera@sca.ae02/6120181
Services and Contracts DepartmentJameel@sca.ae02/6120125
IT Departmenta.alshehhi@sca.ae02/6120284
Dubai Branchimad@sca.ae02/6120330